1. Must have coached high school tennis in the state of Michigan for 20 years or more as a head coach and/or assistant coach.
  2. Must be a coach who has worked cooperatively with fellow coaches for the advancement of the game of tennis and the coaching profession.
  3. Must receive 3/4 majority of the selection committee who are in attendance for the vote.  The selection committee is made up of the past presidents and current officers of the MHSTeCA.
  4. May be considered even if he/she has not met the established criteria.  The selection committee may consider coaches with an outstanding record of achievement even if it does not strictly adhere to the above provisions for induction.
  5. May nominate himself/herself after he/she has coached 20 years.  In addition, a coach is eligible for nomination if the number of years he/she has served, added to the number of years he/she has retired, equal 20 or more.

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The creation and development of such an energetic project plus the maintenance of it has not been without difficulty, particularly in the funding of the undertaking. We have been able to collect some contributions from different sources within our association and from donors in several tennis communities. However, there is still a definite need for more funds to defray the expenses of this entire endeavor. If you are able to contribute any finances individually or as a group, you are encouraged to send your check of any amount to:
Tiger Teusink, Sec.-Treas.
52 East 30th Street
Holland, MI 49423

All contributions will be tax-deductible.