1. The All-Academic certificate is based on your REGIONAL LINEUP.  Do not send the application in until after you send in your Regional Lineup to the Regional Director (and the two forms should have the same players listed).
  2. Your team's Grade Point Average (GPA) is based on each student/player's cumulative (9-12) GPA in the semester prior to your season of play.
  3. For the Fall season only, freshmen players do not qualify because they do not have a high school GPA history, yet.  But, if they are on your Regional Lineup, please put their names on the application and designate as "Freshmen".
  4. Exchange students and transfer students (immediate to your season) do not count because they do not have a GPA history at your school.  But, put them on the application if they were on your Regional Lineup and designate "Exchange Student" or "Transfer Student".
  5. Please list ALL players that were on your Regional Lineup, not just those with GPA's at 3.25 or higher (based on 4.0 scale).
  6. To qualify for the All-Academic certificate, your team must have a minimum of a 3.25 GPA.

NOTE: Coach MUST be a member of the MHSTeCA to be eligible for All-Academic award. (Not a member? Join now.)

Just a few reminders...  when submitting your All-Academic Applications

  1. Make certain to include your school division
  2. Make certain that your mailing zip code is on the application
  3. When adding total GPA, please use only two decimals, i.e.. 3.25
  4. If you missed qualifying by just one decimal (3.24), sadly, you do not qualify...  BUT KEEP TRYING!!

If there are any mistakes on your certificate or you have not received it in a reasonable amount of time (fall certificates are sent after the November MHSTeCA meeting and spring certificates are sent after the June MHSTeCA meeting), please feel free to email Nancy Brissette. (

Click here for application form (fill out, print, sign, and send to Nancy Brissette).