Michigan High School Tennis Coaches Association

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  1. To qualify for this All-Academic certificate, your Senior player must have a minimum of a 3.75 GPA (can use weighted grades).
  2. The All-Academic certificate is based on your REGIONAL LINE-UP.  Do not send the application in until after you submit your Regional Lineup to the Regional Manager. The two forms - this form and your regional lineup - must have the same players listed.
  3. Your player's Grade Point Average (GPA) is based on the player's cumulative (9-12) GPA in the semester prior to your season of play.
  4. Exchange students can not receive this award because they do not have a GPA history at your school.

A few reminders when submitting your Senior Player All-Academic Application.

  1. Be sure to include your school division.
  2. DUE DATES (but sooner rather than later is preferred)
    1. November 15 for the Fall Season
    2. July 1 for the Spring Season
  3. Signatures are required on scanned documents.

Application should be scanned and sent by e-mail (signatures are required on scanned documents) to Terry Schwartzkopf at:


Certificates will be sent by e-mail.
If you do not receive your certificate in a timely manner, there are errors, or you have questions, please contact TBD

Click here for application form (complete, print, get signatures, and send to tennisacademicallstate@gmail.com).